Go Programming Example

GO v1

Recently, the Go language release it’s version 1.0, which have a more constant api that aiming on
attracting enterprise developers to use go as part of their solution.

I read the tutorial when it’s first release. At that time, Go was positioned as a new system language, Like C or C++. But right now it become more powerful that can be use on any general programming topic that require efficiency and concurrency.

As a language, Go has pretty weird syntax such as postfix type decleration and interface oriented. But other then that, Go is more like a compiled version scripting language. Which is pretty easy to write, and focusing on making threading easier through It’s Go routine.


Amazon Interview

In 2011, I flew to Seattle for an on-site interview with Amazon, that is an interesting experience and I learned a lot from the preparation and knowing how these company finding new talents. I would like to share some of my experience on that interview.


After handing out my resume on school’s career fair, I got an email from Amazon campus recruiter that they have an interview event for campus hire hold on Amazon campus in Seattle, and they would like to pay me the trip to the interview. That really surprise me because what I heard is they will usually have one or two phone interview before you get to the on-site interview. However, this is a great oppurtunity, and also a free trip visiting Seattle. So I just go for it.