Code odyssey : Express

Recently I was looking for web frameworks on Node.js. There are Tower.js, Railway, GeddyJS, SocektStream, Meteor and lots of cool framework on Node.js. However, Express, which created in the beginning of Node.js era, is still a very stable and easy to use framework with the most plugin and community support. Therefore, I think it is a good candidate as my 2nd source code review project.

Express.js is developed by TJ Holowaychuk, who rebuild the web development on Node.js with express, jade, mocha, stylus and more. Express is inspired by the simple of Sinatra provide a simple and elegant interface for http request, also with connect middle support that let user can easily extend the framework.


backbone-js javascript MVC Framework

What is Backbone.js?

Backbone is a framework for front-end JavaScript, unlike jQuery focus on easier DOM manipulation and event binding, backbone provide a structure for separating data model and DOM, just like a MVC framework separate model, view and controller. Make heavy JavaScript application easier to develop and maintain.

Why Backbone?


Bootstrap 2.0

Bootstrap , from twitter

Bootstrap, a css framework that developed by Twitter, created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thronton. Which original was the internal framework in twitter for their products and quick prototyping.
On the github page, Bootstrap is described as:

Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components
and interactions.

That is, Bootstrap is not only just a css framework, but actually an UI framework base
on HTML, CSS and Javascripts. It includes the basic css framework that handle details like css reset, typography and grid system. Moreover, it includes the base UI elements like navigation bar, button, form and paginition… and the interaction
UI elements like dropdown, popover and tooltips. Evenmore, all of the color and elements is customizable because the css is generated by less, all setting is in varibles.less file and allow user to change the variables or reuse the elements class in less.